Index of Terms

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3 dimensional coordinates 

absolutely convergent

addition of power series

algebra of vectors

alternating series test

angle between two planes

angle between two vectors

angle of inclination

arc length of a parametrically defined curve

arc length of a polar curve

area of a polar region

boundary point


chain rule (several variables)

circles in polar coordinates

circles (parametric equations)

circumference on an ellipse

closed region

component form of a vector

component of u perpendicular to v

conditionally convergent

conic sections in polar coordinates

continuity for a function of several variables

converges (series)

converges to a limit

cross product


cylindrical coordinates

d neighborhood

derivative of parametric equations

derivatives in polar coordinates

differentiable for a function of several variables

differentiation of power series

direct comparison test

directed line segment

direction cosines

directional derivative


distance between a point and a plane

distance formula in 3D


diverges (series)

division of power series

domain of a function of several variables

dot product of vectors


eliminating the parameter


equipotential lines

error and differentials


function of several variables

functions (parametric equations)

geometric power series

geometric series

geometric series test


harmonic series


higher order partial derivative

hyperboloid of one sheet

hyperboloid of two sheets

implicit differentiation (several variables)

integral test

interior point

intersections of parametrically defined curves

integration of power series

interval of convergence



Kepler's laws

Lagrange multipliers

least squares regression line

length of a vector

level curves

limit comparison test

limit for a function of several variables

limit of a sequence

limit test

limits using power series

linear approximation

lines in polar coordinates

lines in 3D

lines (parametric equations)


maximum (relative)

McLaurin polynomial

McLaurin series

minimum (relative)


multiplication of power series

d neighborhood


normal distribution 

normal line

normal vector to a plane

nth partial sum


open region




parametric equations

parametric equations of a circle

parametric equation of a function

parametric equations of a line

partial derivative

partial sum

planes (equation)

polar coordinates

power series


properties of addition and subtraction of vectors

projection of u onto v

p-series test

quadratic approximation

quadric surface

radius of convergence

ratio test

rearrangement theorem

relative maximum

relative minimum

remainder theorem

root test

scalar multiplication of vectors

second derivative of parametric equations

second derivative test for a function of two variables


spherical coordinates

squeeze theorem

series (definition)

subtraction of power series

sum of vectors

surface area of revolution (parametric)

surface area of revolution of a polar curve

surface of revolution

tangent line to a curve

tangent plane

Taylor polynomial

Taylor series

Taylor's remainder theorem

telescoping series

three dimensional coordinates


total differential

unit vector


work (vectors)