Index of Terms



arcsin x

area between 2 curves

Boyle's law and work

center of mass

continuity of the inverse function

cosh x

cylindrical shells method for volume

derivatives of arctrigonometric functions

derivative of ex

derivative of the inverse function

disk method for volume




exponentials with other bases

fluid force on a submerged rectangular sheet

fluid force on a vertical surface

fluid pressure

fundamental theorem of algebra

homogeneous differential equations

Hook's law

hyperbolic trigonometric functions

horizontal line test and Rolle's Theorem

improper integrals

integrating involving inverse trigonometric functions

integrating powers of sin and cos

integrating powers of tan and sec

integrating powers of trigonometric functions

integration by parts

inverse functions

inverse hyperbolic derivatives

inverse trigonometric functions

L'Hopital's rule

ln x (properties)

logarithm (definition)

logarithms and integrals

logarithms with other bases

logistics equations

logistics growth

Midpoint Approximation

mixed angle formulas


natural logarithm (definition)

other bases

Pappus' Theorem

partial fractions

parts (integration by parts)

Pascal's principle


pressure (fluid)

properties of ln x

radioactive decay

separable differential equations

Simpson's Estimate

Simpson's estimate

Simpson's Estimate (error)

Simpson's estimate (error)

sinh x


spring (work and Hook's law)

surface area of revolution

tanh x

Trapezoidal Rule

trigonometric substitution

volume of revolution

washer method for volume


work in emptying a tank

work in lifting a chain

work in sending a rocket into orbit

work on a spring