1. Click on the frog to begin.  This will not do anything other than give the applet focus so that you can start using the arrow keys.

  2. Your goal is to get the frog to his lily pad.

  3. The frog may only jump to a log if it has an expression that is equivalent to the expression on the lily pad.

  4. If the frog lands on a log with an expression that is not equivalent to the one on the lily pad, then you will be sent back to the bottom and lose a level and the snake gets his lunch.

  5. If the frog falls in the water or is taken to the snake's log, then the snake gets his lunch and you will be sent back to the bottom.  A level will not be lost.

  6. Use the four arrow keys (Left, Right, Up, and Down) to help navigate to the lily pad.

  7. There are twenty levels. 

  8. Since at the beginning of each try, time is not an issue, it will help to write the expression on a piece of paper.

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