Exploring Linear Programming


  1. Click on the inequality and select either "<" or ">"

  2. Type in the inequalities of your linear programming problem. Use fractions or decimals such as "2/3x + 4" or "-.21x-2"

  3. Hit the enter key when you want each line graphed.

  4. Type in the Profit equation.  (Note:  there is a small bug that will not allow you to put in some functions such as x as the profit function)

  5. Click on "Shade In" button.

  6. Drag the profit button to find the maximum or minimum profit

  7. Follow the instructions and hit the "enter" key when you have finished entering in your step.


Written Exercises

When you have mastered the above tutorial, please answer the follwing in a few complete sentences

  1. When the profit is a maximum, what can you say about the profit line?

  2. Write down the steps in solving a linear programming problem.



Information on linear programming

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