Shooting Inequalities
In this game, you will be presented with a compound inequality.  First you should write down the solution on a number line and in interval notation on a piece of paper.  Then hit the "Start" button.  Your job is to shoot down all segments, dots, and arrows that are not part of the solution.  After all the pieces have fallen, one correct and three incorrect answers in interval notation will float down.  Shoot down the three that are incorrect. 

Use your LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move you shooter and use your UP Arrow key to shoot.  If you push down and hold the arrows, the shooter will travel more smoothly.  If you want the game to move faster or slower, push the "faster" or "slower" button.  You may need to push the button several times to get the game moving at a speed that you are comfortable with.

Good luck!

Notes on Linear Inequalities

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