Athletics - Compliance


CCCAA Constitution and Bylaws and Forms

LTCC as an institution, along with all athletics staff members must be compliant with CCCAA Constitution and Bylaws.  Forms R-1 and R-2 must be completed and submitted to CCCAA (see below).


LTCC Staff required to follow compliance



All athletics staff must complete Compliance training each year. A training session for all staff will be given in July of each school year. Additional training will occur at quarterly Athletics meetings. All identified staff members (see list above) are required to attend. If a staff member cannot attend the annual training, the athletic director will meet with that staff member for training at an alternate time. All new athletics staff members will be trained on compliance when hired.



Every year, all athletics staff members are required to take and pass a compliance exam with the CCCAA. Staff members must complete and pass the compliance exam before he/she can have contact with the student-athletes. Staff members are encouraged to take the exam shortly following compliance training.


You can find information regarding the CCCAA compliance exam, including a link to take it online.


Forms R-1, R-2, and R-4

There are 2 CCCAA forms that must be submitted to the CCCAA that certify compliance. The athletic director will ensure that these forms are completed and submitted on schedule.


Form R-1

The R-1 is a Statement of Compliance. It must be signed by the Dean of Student Services, the Athletic Direcor, and the President. It must be submitted to CCCAA and conference commissioner by August 27 each year. Original must be kept on file in President's office.

Download blank R-1 from CCCAA website


Form R-2

The R-2 is ...

Download blank R-2 from CCCAA website


Form R-4

The R-4 is ...

Download black R-4 from CCCAA website


Process for reporting violations

If a staff member believes that LTCC or one of the athletics staff member has violated the CCCAA Constitution and Bylaws, please notify the athletic director as soon as possible. The athletic director will notify the Dean of Student Services and start an investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the athletic director will generate a report and send findings to the conference commissioner.