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Current Athletic Counselors

Sarah Marquez

Reggie Braun



Responsibilities of the Athletic Counselors


Student-Athlete Contact

Initial contact

All identified student-athletes will meet with an athletic counselor as soon as possible. The counselors will assess the student's goals and develop a education plan. For fall athletes, a education plan must be created by October 15.  It can be a comprehensive or abbreviated plan (CCCAA Bylaw 1.3.8). The counselors will start to track that student-athlete until he/she has completed competing.


Ongoing contact

All student-athletes will meet with an athletic counselors every quarter. If there is not a compehensive education plan on file, the counselors will attempt to develop one if possible. The counselors will notify the student-athlete of academic progress, as well as progress towards continuing eligibility. Student-athlete will be placed on hold and will not be able to register for the next term's classes if he/she does not meet with a counselor every quarter.


Transfer considerations

A goal of the LTCC Athletics program is to help the student-athletes transfer to the next level. Most of the 4-year college athletic programs are part of the NCAA or NAIA leagues. Each league has regulations about transfer student-athletes. In order to provided the best possible counseling of the student-athletes, the counselors should be familiar with those transfer regulations. Below are links to student-athlete transfer information for those leagues.



Division 1

Division 2

Division 3



Academic achievement program

Progress reports




Athletic eligibility progress meetings

During the first week of each quarter, the academic counselors will meet with the athletic director and coaches to report on progress towards continued academic eligibility. The counselors will prepare a report, highlighting any student athletes that are in danger of not meeting eligibility. The athletic director is responsible for scheduling these meetings.


Affiliate Organizations

3C4A (Community College Counselors/Advisors Academic Association for Athletes) website


Download 3C4A Counselors Handbook for Student-Athlete 2017 (PDF format)


Download 3C4A Counselors Handbook for Student-Athlete 2017 (Word format inside ZIP file)