Study Abroad with LTCC:  Spanish in Guatemala!
Summer 2014
Lake Tahoe Community College
Nancy Barclay & Sara Pierce

Final Four Details

Our updated pre-departure letter, July 16

Important contact telephone numbers in Antigua: 
School – (502) 7832.1422 (only Mon - Fri during business hours)

Emergency number for school coordinator:
Leslie Zamorra

ACIS, 24 hour contact: ACIS Duty Officer: 617-450-5678


Flight Info - United Airlines

SPA131BC:  Spanish Grammar:  Analysis and Practice
Our online Etudes course; how to login and get started.



For those of you at the B&B:  Casa Florencia

Cell phone suggestions from ACIS:
On cell phones, we always suggest that people contact their carrier and ask them about an international plan for the country they are going to.  You can usually buy a package based on a set number of minutes for calling and data for texts.

You can also buy SIM cards for your phone at cell phone shops around the central park in Antigua.

And yes, you can buy phones very cheaply there.  There are usually phone vendors at the airport, or the cell phone shops around the central park.  The person helping with the transfer when you arrive will know, the school would also be able to point you in the right direction too.

One more thing, if they are going to buy a SIM card in Guatemala to use in their phone, they have to have their phone unlocked.
So they still need to talk to their phone company if they are planning on getting a SIM card while they are there.
I've never done this, but see that you have to "unlock" your phone.

Buying a phone there is a good option and cheap.


This program is open to all interested learners of Spanish, 18 year of age and older.  Participants need not be LTCC students. 
Pre-departure Meeting:  Saturday, May 17, 2:00-4:00 P.M.    Aspen Room, LTCC
Pre-departure letter from our meeting



Travel and in-country arrangements handled by American Council for International Studies, ACIS
Tel 800.798.9710,  fax 916.448.7497,
Register online at the ACIS web site:    Group leader:  Barclay    Group ID:  85515


ACIS program price:  $3043 if registered by February 28, 2014 with a $200 deposit.
Deadline to register is February 28, 2014. 

After 2/28 registration will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on space available.  The price will be determined by ACIS.  Let us know if you are interested in coming with us. 

Payment in full due by March 1.  An autopay option is available which would allow the last payment to be due by June 12.  See the details for autopay within the ACIS web site when you register. 
After the $200 deposit is made an addition payment of $295 will be due one month later with the balance due by March 1.

The program price without airfare is $1614.  After 2/28 the price will be determined by ACIS.  If you choose to purchase your own airfare take into consider that you will also need to provide your own transportation from Guatemala City to Antigua and also the return.

ACIS fee includes:

Round-Trip Flights from Reno, Nevada or San Francisco

Homestay in Antigua with full board

Spanish Language Lessons in Antigua, six hours a day for two weeks

Side trips such as

In addition, participants will be required to pay tuition fees for 7 quarter units at LTCC.

If you prefer to stay in a B&B instead of a homestay there will be an additional fee of $320.  Let Nancy know by March 1 if you would like the B&B option.  ACIS will add the extra expense to your invoice. 


Participants will be required to register and pay for 7 LTCC units.

Grammar course, 3 units:  SPA 131CB, Spanish Grammar:  Analysis and Practice

SPA 131BY, 3 units, Cultural Overview of Guatemala and the Maya Civilization

SPA 157 A-J, 1 unit, Small Group Conversation

So all participants will be registered for seven units as listed below.

Course Number Course Title Units
SPA 131 CB Spanish Grammar:  Analysis and Practice

Prerequisite:  Attendance at the pre-departure meeting on Saturday, May 17, 2-4 P.M. Or, schedule an individual meeting with Nancy/Sara.

SPA 131BY Cultural Overview of Guatemala and the Maya Civilization 3
SPA 157 A-J Small Group Conversation 1

Instructors:  Nancy Barclay & Sara Pierce
530-541-4660, x204,, x255

Course work will begin in summer quarter of 2014 in an online format and will continue on location in Antigua. 


Depart Reno, Sunday, July 27
Return Reno, Sunday, August 10

Language School in Antigua, Guatemala

The PLFM was founded in 1969.  It opened with two purposes, which are still its focus today:  (a) to teach the Spanish language, and (b) to teach, investigate, and preserve Mayan languages and culture.  The oldest Spanish language school in Antigua, PLFM is also unique because it is non-profit, teaches Mayan languages as well as Spanish, and is run by Mayas professionals.  PLFM is affiliated with the Consejo Nacional de Educación Maya (CNEM), a national organization promoting Mayan education.    It is authorized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and its Spanish school is licensed by INGUAT, the Guatemalan Tourist Institute.

Our Facebook Page:  LTCC Guatemala Summer-Abroad 2014  


October 2013 - $1.00 US = 7.96 quetzales
Antigua elevation, 5000 ft.
Summer is rainy season so bring your umbrella.
No immunizations are currently required for visiting Guatemala.
Travelers will all need a passport valid for at least 6 months after they depart.   
110 volt electricity, same as the US.
Time zone:  Guatemala is on MST

Suggested Reading

Popol Vuh:  The Sacred Book of the Maya. Allen J. Christenson. University of Omaha Press
The Guatemala Reader:  History, Culture, Politics. Edited by Grandin, Levenson, and Oglesby. Duke University Press

New Scholarship Opportunity - Click here for the application.

USA Guatemalan Embassy Lake Atitlan & the Highlands Photography Arte Maya
REVUE - Guatemala Magazine Guatemala Map Interactive Map of Antigua
Around Antigua Guatemala Weather Chichicastenango
Lake Atitlan History of Antigua Fast Facts about Antigua, Frommer's
Overview of Guatemala, FactMonster Language School in Antigua ACIS
Our ACIS Flyer Antigua Spanish Language Program Info at ACIS ACIS Registration Booklet (PDF)
Videos about Antigua Maya Cultural Report Map of Guatemala with the 22 departments
Guatemala Highlands Mixco Viejo Rough Guides Archeological Site Mixco Viejo

Ready to signup?

Register online with your $200 deposit at  Leader:  barclay   Group:  85515.

Nancy Barclay, 530-541-4660 x204,
Sara Pierce, 530-541-4660 x255,

As a participant in study abroad programs in her youth, Nancy developed a passion for travel and Hispanic culture.  She has led four Spanish language programs in Spain and Mexico for LTCC.  Her personal travels have included Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, and Peru.  Nancy has been a full time Spanish instructor at LTCC for 18 years. Igniting students to love language and culture is Sara's mission. What better way than through study abroad experience? Sara has traveled extensively through Spain, Mexico and Chile. She has led students to Salamanca, Spain as well. Sara has been a full-time instructor of Spanish at LTCC for nine years. 


Sara with Longko, chief of the Mapuches, in Panquipulli, Chile


Nancy and Glenn in Tikal, Guatemala

World Languages Department, LTCC          Lake Tahoe Community College