La Composición

Miguel de Cervantes y su novela
Don Quijote de la Mancha


Your composition should contain the following information, at least one paragraph about each of the five topics.

1.     ¿Quién fue Cervantes?

2.     Nuestro hidalgo, don Quijote

Describa el hombre, sus aventuras y sus ideas

3.     Otros personajes

La ama, la sobrina, Dulcinea, Rocinante, el barbero, el cura

4.     Temas en la novela

El amor

La inspiración

La fantasía

La violencia

El fracaso

5.     Su opinión de la novela

 Use ideas from the movie we saw in class, the web lesson and class discussions.  Specific examples from the novel should be cited when appropriate.

This composition should be written in your own words, in your best Spanish.  Plagiarized work will receive a grade of zero for the project. 

Some class time will be allowed to write first drafts and revisions for this composition.  If absent, you will need to complete the composition on your own time as homework.

Due date is on the course syllabus.

Keep your use of Spanish at the intermediate level.  It is best to express yourself in Spanish, rather than try to write in English first and then translate.  

Grading will be based on content and grammar.  Your conclusion will receive double points, so put some effort into it. 

If you are absent on days when we work on the composition in class, you are responsible to complete the assignment on your own.

This composition is due on the last day of class.  You will read your composition to your classmates.