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<Background: A very interesting terrain of the gender and advertising world is found in rejected ads. Many Internet sites focus on reject ads, albeit for curiosity purposes. As I suggest below in the segment on PETA ads, even progressive organizations have gone astray in their marketing. The PETA exhibit is discussed on their site. The Ads: Images 1-10 are ads that were rejected for various reasons. It is interesting that public outrage results in the censoring of some advertising, though as the Hall of Shame illustrates, many of the censored ads seem tame in comparison to those that "made it." Discussion Questions: (1) What do these rejected ads suggest about popular culture and gender? Are there some gendered themes which are too shocking, even for U.S. popular culture? (2) Does the rejected ad suggest that people have agency when it comes to advertising? That is, can their protests result in the pulling of offensive ads? (3) Compare these rejected ads to others in the real ad categories. Are there some in the other categories that seem worse to you than these rejects?  >


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