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Women and Nagging



<Background: Women are often portrayed as being “naggers,” always complaining and needing the attention of males. Similar to this trope is the trope of linguistic violence as women are classified as being “bitchy.” In some cases, like ads 4 and 5, the woman is stereotyped as being overly talkative. Here is a brief discussion of the differences between men and women relative to the idea of nagging. The Ads: What do the following ads suggest about our society? Though this is a small category, I will include more ads as I discover them. Please let me know if you have additional ads from this category.  Discussion Questions: (1) Why are women often seen as naggers in American society? What are the social, political and sexual roots of such an assumption about females? (2) Are the scenarios of these ads connected to other notions about nagging in popular culture? >


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<presented by Scott A. Lukas, Ph.D.>