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<Background: Here are the sites that have linked to the Gender Ads Project. I do not vouch for any of the content, political orientation or information contained in ANY of these sites. Some I support, some I do not, some I have not idea about. This is merely a reflection of who has found the Gender Ads Project interesting enough or, in some cases, troublesome enough, to link it to their site.



University of Iowa, Advertising Resources


University of York, Resources


▪ Trinity University, Links


▪ Stuart Birk's Gender Page


Feral Scholar




Understanding Prejudice


Erkan Saka, Rice University


▪ Grow-a-Brain, advertising resources


▪ The F-Word, Contemporary UK Feminism


Women in Computing


One Angry Girl Designs


▪ The Commercial Closet, Resources


▪ Carol Boehm, 11th Grade Language Arts Page


▪ Tristin's Blog


▪ MediaLit Links


▪ Feminism Online Links


▪ Adelphi University Course


▪ UMASS Gender & Politics Course




Feminist Majority Foundation


▪ Jean Kilbourne, Resources


▪ MySpace.com Profile


▪ White Ribbon Campaign


Martial Arts for Women




▪ Sinister Girl Blog


▪ University of Arizona, Composition Class


▪ World Feminism, Links


▪ University of Iowa, Communication Studies Resources


▪ University of Wisconsin, Women's Resources


▪ Mount Holyoke, Gender and Media Resources


▪ Actress Kate Campbell Stevenson


▪ Vogue Australia Forum


▪ Janime Community Forum


Missoula Forum for Children and Youth


▪ White Ribbon Campaign (U.K.)


▪ Women and the Media Discussion


▪ Texas Tech Women's Studies Department, Links


▪ Pandora's Box, Feminist Resources


▪ Consumer Culture Links


▪ Waren Wilson Links




K-State Digital Library




▪ Nousheen's Assignments


▪ UCF Women's Studies Links


▪ Inclusion and Social Justice Articles


▪ Crisis Connection 24-Hour Hotline




Ms Magazine


▪ Anthony McCann Links


▪ SOC 333 Links


▪ Marygrove College Links


▪ USC weblog


▪ George Mason Links


▪ UGA Women's Studies Links


▪ Ryeon University Library


▪ Larry Johnson Class


▪ SHC Senior Seminar


▪ St. Ignatius College Prep


▪ El Camino College, SOC 101


▪ Deepa Reddy's Class Site


▪ Tanya Pretorius' Bookmarks


▪ UNI Links


































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