Featured Links
This section features some of the most significant sites related to gender and advertising.



Advertising in General
MCS's Advertising Articles and Links - be sure to check out the section on Gender and Advertising.

MagazineAds.Com - a collection of magazine ads from past and present.

AdAge.Com - a site focused on advertising issues.

AdAccess- Duke University's massive archive of over 7,000 ads.


Gender and Advertisng Websites

About-Face - One of the premier websites dedicated to understanding the negativity of images in advertising. A major inspiration for this website!

Gender and Advertising  - a short selection from Marshalltown Community College.

Makley Image Archive - a collection of themed ads (150 or so) related to sexism. You must get a password to view the site.

Commercial Closet - The World's Largest Collection of Gay Advertising. A very extensive site. 

Taking ADvantage - You and Me, Babe: Sex and Advertising - A short article with some useful ideas. 

Student Web Sites and Paper Samples on Advertising - Have a look at some excellent student research on advertising.

Women's Bodies in Sports Ads - An educational project featuring student work.  Have a look!

Gender Relations in the Ads of Lovers' Perfumes - a brief comparison.

Analyzing Gender in Ads - a focus on Barbasol ads.

SAPAC's 18th Annual SEXISM IN ADVERTISING CONTEST - features some of the worst ads out there.

Worth's Intro to Gender and Ads - A short article focused on Goffman's work.

St. Lawrence University Student Ad Projects - take a look at the fine research on this site!

American Advertising and the Science of Signs - there are a few gender ads in this collection from Lewis and Clark College.


Body Image
Culture of Modeling - A new website for teen girls that gets them thinking about WHERE their interest in modeling comes from, WHAT it means in a cultural context and HOW to make changes---starting with themselves.

Body Positive - A site focused on body acceptance.

Adios Barbie - A site dedicated to critiquing negativity and body image. 


Important Sites
Merge - a very significant site from Chicago that focuses on media, gender and activism.

Media Watch - a critical focus on the media.

ACME - ACME is committed to promoting media education, independent media production, and reform in response to this threat.

Sut Jhally - Sut Jhally is a pioneer in critical media awareness.  Check out his great site.

FAIR - The Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting website is an important stop in your journeys through the land of critical media awareness.

The Media Education Foundation - A nonprofit educational organization devoted to media research and production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy.

Feminista - A great on-line magazine.

Andrea Dworkin- Many articles and essays by one of the most important feminists of our times.

Just Think - An important site for youth and everyone else!

Media Watch- Challenging racism, sexism, and violence in the media.

Girls Making Media: Portayals of Sexism in the Media

Linnea Smith - Smith's website has a number of important features, including critical analyses of Sports Illustrated, Playboy and Calvin Klein.

Said It - An important feminist publication.

Girls, Women and Media Project - An important site with an important focus.

Feminist.com - An extensive website.

Ms. Magazine - The magazine that started it all.  Pioneered the "No Comment" feature that offered readers' submissions of offensive print ads.

International Women's Media Foundation - A major focus of the site in on women's issues and the press.

Mind on the Media - Promote healthy body image and expand the definition of what makes people beautiful!

Mediascope - A site focused on media awareness issues.

Jean Kilbourne's Site - Jean Kilbourne has produced some of the most important work on gender and media.

Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children - A very praxis-oriented website.


Action Against the Media

Adbusters - Many people know about the powerful work done by Adbusters and culture jammers.

Guerrilla Girls - An organization that has been fighting exclusion for years.



Stereotypical Gender Roles Portrayed in Children's Television Commercials Jacquelyn S. Bradway - An interesting article.

The Return of the Pig- The revival of blatant sexism in American culture has many progressive thinkers flummoxed....

Toward A Critical Theory of Advertising - A good article by Harms & Kellner.

Sexism and Sexuality in Advertising - From Jacobsen and Mazur's text.

Jhally v. Twitchell - a great debate on advertising.

The Perpetuation of Subtle Prejudice: Race and Gender Imagery in 1990s Television Advertising (Scott Coltrane, Melinda Messineo).

What if the Energizer Bunny were female? importance of gender in perceptions of advertising spokes-character effectiveness (Kate Peirce)

An analysis of the portrayal of gender roles in Turkish television advertisements(Nimet Uray, Sebnem Burnaz).

Gender advertisements in magazines aimed at African Americans: a comparison to their occurrence in magazines aimed at Caucasians. (Tara L. Mclaughlin, Nicole Goulet)

Eroticizing men: cultural influences on advertising and male objectification. (Deana A. Rohlinger)

Marketing masculinity: gender identity and popular magazines. (Anthony J. Vigorito, Timothy J. Curry)



Radical Masculinity
Radical Men's Magazines - A number of good sources on masculinity, sexuality and the like.

Extensive Men's Issues Bibliography (Searchable)


Always Causing Legal Unrest Website

Andrea Dworkin Web Site

Pornography As a Cause of Rape (excerpted from Diana Russell’s book, Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm)

Anti-Porn Resource Center

Pornography controversy (anti-censorship) - Australia

Malamuth publications

Cyberporn (Rimm study and critiques)

Youth, Pornography, and the Internet (National Research Council Report, USA, 2002)


Links Pages
Feminista's - extensive links

Feminist.coms Links

University of Iowa's Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Media (Advertising)-
A great selection of links from my alma mater.  Be sure to visit all of their other links as well. One of the most comprehensive sites around.

Great database of information on U. S. and international anti-sexist men's organizations (and much more)