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The Gendered Landscape



<Background: The Gendered Landscape is a feature that will explore the ways in which constructions of gender in popular culture impact us on an everyday level. This page is a form of visual anthropology in which I explore the idea that the negativity of gender constructions are with us in our lived spaces. The Images:  In the meantime, you can click on any of the images to view a high resolution photo. Many of the current ones feature recent photographs that I have take in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Images 20-22 were captured on a Los Angeles freeway. Image 23 is of a beauty pageant and it was part of a story in which "rights" were being attributed to women in Afghanistan (the image features an Afghani beauty contestant). Images 32-35 are from a convenience story that subjects its workers to demeaning posters in front of their check stands. Image 37 is a new effort in New York City in which models advertise products on their butts. Image 42 appeared in a men's magazine and features sushi served on a woman's body. Image 47 reflects a new clothing trend that helps illustrate the power of the male gaze in many societies. Discussion Questions: (1) In everyday life, what are some ways in which gender and sexuality are portrayed? (2) Are gendered images more prevalent in some spaces? What media are used to portray gender? (3) Why are certain images and gendered portrayals (such as billboards) acceptable in our society> (4) What can everyday citizens do when they see such images? How can they protest this invasion of our public spaces?  >


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