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Gay Males in Ads



<Background: This section focuses on the representations of gay men in advertising. In recent years, advertising has included more gay-oriented themes. In some cases, homoerotic themes are developed in straight magazines, similar to the trend in lesbian advertisingThe Ads: The ads present gay men in a number of different scenarios, including relationships, sports and in (numerous) drinking circumstances. One question relates to the nature of these ads. Are these ads indication of a shift in the gendered landscape of advertising, or a simple realization of the economic vitality of the gay male market?  Questions: (1) What social and political conditions have led to the appearance of more advertising depicting gay men? (2) Are such ads positive or negative? Though the representation of all sexualities can be seen as a welcomed sight, what are the circumstances in which gay men are represented in ads? (3) Are there similarities or differences in these ads and those depicting straight people? >


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