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<Background: The exoticization of women includes the presentation of women in incredibly odd or surreal contexts. Many contemporary ads present women with animals, bizarre situations, mythical creatures, or other unreal scenarios. Of course, some people would say that such exotic circumstances are part and parcel of the advertising industry. By creating surreal and shocking ads, consumers will notice the products, but the Gender Ads Project is not concerned with selling products, but looking at how contexts of selling products leads to the negativity of gender stereotyping.  The Ads: Consider any number of the following ads. What situations are reflected in these examples of the exotic surreal? Discussion Questions: (1) Why are women constructed as surreal objects? Is this construction merely a form of experimentalism within graphic design or does it reflect the complete mutability of the female body? (2) Can you find comparable examples of the surrealization of men in advertising? (3) Do all of the ads in this exhibit reflect gendered perspectives? Discuss any that you think do not relate to gender.  >



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<presented by Scott A. Lukas, Ph.D.>