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Dual Objectification



<Background: A rather recent context of advertising is the dual objectification of men and women. In a number of examples, advertisers have used the shock value of sexuality to convey multiple levels of objectification in ads. Combined with the category of Relationships, it is interesting to consider how materialism and values associated with consumerism are fused in the bodies of men and women in advertising.  The Ads: Notice that men and women are objectified in the ads presented in the gallery. Resources: If you search many male and female magazines, you will discover that dual objectification is a common occurrence. Questions: (1) Is the objectification of men becoming more common in advertising? (2) Are there any differences between how men and women are objectified in ads? Discuss the basis of those differences. (3) Do you believe that because men also see themselves as victims of the negativities of advertising that there will be more focus on addressing the issues of gender and advertising?  >



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