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<Background: This particular exhibit focuses on sexism that is common in television commercials. There are many other sites that focus on this issue or offer readers an opportunity to view clips of such commercials. In this feature I will be addressing the most blatant forms of sexism found on television. The Ads: Images 1-3 illustrate the popularity of sexism in mainstream television advertising. Interestingly, a number of viewers of such ads have commented that their overt sexism is a form of self-critique of the medium. It is difficult to imagine that viewers of such ads are responding to irony or other forms of expression that might be implied in such ads. Notice that AOL (Image 4) is a new player in the reemergence of sexism in television advertising.  Discussion Questions: (1) How has the gendered nature of television commercials changed over time? Or, has it? (2) Do the themes of gender in TV commercials reflect those of print advertising? (3) How does the addition of sound and moving image impact the genderedness of television commercials? >


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