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<Background: The intersecting levels of oppression are evident in our popular culture landscapes. In the case of gender, women are the victims of ageism—specific bodies are defined as too old. In the realm of popular film one can think of many examples where older female actresses are denied major motion picture roles, while their same age counterparts, such as Sean Connery, are still considered box office draws.   The Ads: Notice the negativity associated with the ads in 3, 4 and 5. Resources: Here is an article on ageism and advertising. And, here are some ageism Internet resources. Discussion Questions: (1) What are the social and political sources of ageism? (2) Create a list of qualities associated with the young, then create a list that details the qualities connected to the aged. How does this list compare/contrast? (3) Is there a gender bias in the portrayals of the young and the aged in the media? (4) How are men and women differently affected by ageism? >



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<presented by Scott A. Lukas, Ph.D.>