y''  +  y'  +   y   = f(x)  
c =    k=     y'(0) =   
f(x) =          
f( ) =     
xMin:  xMax: 
yMin:  yMax:      
Directions:  Enter the coefficients of the differential equation and the
parameters and type of the forcing function.  Then click on "Draw" to
see the solution. You can also click on the graph to see the solution
through the point that you click on.  You can select what the derivative
is at 0 if the coefficient in front of y'' is nonzero.  Otherwise it will be
given to you.  The solution is carried out to two decimal places.
You can also set the window and zoom in and out.  zStd will set the
window to
      -10 < x < 10, -10 < y < 10
After clicking on zIn or zOut click on the point in the xy-plane that
you want the center to be.  This app works best using the Chrome

Instructional Video on this App:

Learning Outcomes:
1.  Determine the relationship between a second order linear
differential equation, the graphicalsolution, and the analytic solution.
2.  Explore how a forcing function affects the graph and solution of a
differential equation.
3.  Realize that the solution of a differential equation can be written as
the sum of the homogeneous solution and the particular solution.

Information about second order differential equations

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