Graphing f (x) Given the Graph of f '(x)
  • The graph of y = f '(x) will be given.  Your goal is to sketch the graph of the derivative:  y = f (x).
  • Use your mouse moving from left to right, staying on the graphing board, to draw the curve.  When you are ready to sketch the graph move you mouse to the far left and click and drag.  Be sure to move your mouse slowly.  Moving too quickly will result in the deduction of points.
  • Hit the "Reset" button if you want to start over with the given curve.
  • Hit the "Next f '(x)" button to work on a new curve.  There are fifteen curves that you can practice with.
  • Scoring for each point drawn is based on whether the drawn curve is correctly increasing or decreasing at that point.
       Here is a scoring guide:
    • < 0:  Please watch the video and get more practice or help from your instructor or tutor.
    • 0 - 50  Not so great.  Better than a monkey, but you need much more practice.
    • 50 - 100  You're on the right track, but need to practice more.
    • 100 - 150  You have the right idea, but maybe need to take more time while you are sketching the graph of the derivative.
    • 150 - 200  Nice work.  You got it mostly correct.  A little more practice and you will achieve mastery.
    • > 200        Excellent!  You have figured out the relationship between the graph of a function and the graph of it's derivative.