Which Operation Is It?


  1. Click on the "New Problem" button.  

  2. The top right graph is f, the top left graph is g, and the bottom graph is either fg, f/g, f + g, f - g, f o g, or g o f

  3. Click on the radio button that corresponds to the right combination.

  4. Click on the check button to see if you responded correctly.

  5. If it says "try again" then try a different radio button and hit the "check" button.

  6. Click on the "New Problem" button to start with a new problem.


Written Exercises

  1. If f and g are lines, what will fg look like?
  2. If f and g are lines, what will f/g look like?
  3. How can you tell the difference between the graph of f + g and f - g?
  4. If you know the graphs of f and g, how do you determine the graph of f o g?

More Information on Combinations of Graphs

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