Exponential Equations


  1. Click on the "New Equation" Button.

  2. Click the button that most efficiently leads you to find x.


Written Exercises

  1. Which of the following is possible to solve?  Please solve the one that is possible.


    1. 34x+5  =  23x+2 - 3

    2. 34x+5  =  5.23x+2 

    3. 1 + 34x+5  =  23x+2


  2. One is true and the other is false.  Choose some numbers to demonstrate why the false one does not work.


    1. logb(x + y) = logb(x)logb(y)

    2. logb(xy) = logb(x) + logb(y)



Information on Exponential Equations


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