Exponent Invaders

The Goal is to shoot eliminate all of the aliens, before they eliminate you.  On the bottom right, you will see an expression that involves exponents.  Each alien caries with it a possible simplification.  You are to use a missile to shoot down all of the aliens with an expression that is not equivalent to the expression on the bottom right.  You are to send a rose to the alien that has the expression that is equivalent.  Below is the list of controls:

  1. Left Arrow:  Moves the Mother Ship to the left

  2. Right Arrow:  Moves the Mother Ship to the right

  3. UP Arrow:  Sends a rose upwards

  4. Space Bar:  Sends a missile upwards

  5. Down Arrow:  Activates a new problem when the "New Problem" button is visible.  (You can also just click on this button with your mouse)