Mathman:  Order of Operations Game

Instructions:  Your goal is to evaluate the expressions.  You will be given an expression that involves 2 or more arithmetic operators.  The ghosts will appear holding an expression.  You must capture the ghosts in the order as you would evaluate the expression using the order of operations.  If you capture a ghost that does not hold the expression to be evaluated next, you will lose a life.  When you are ready to begin, hit the "Start" button.  Hit the "Start" button each time you are ready to begin trying on capturing the next ghost.  Use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys to move your Mathman around.  Hit the "Sound" button to play with sound effects.  When you are tired of hearing the sound, hit the "Mute" button.  Notice that the following characters are used for arithmetic symbols.

    *: Used for multiplication.  For example  5*3  =  15

    ^:  Used for exponents.  For example  5^2  = 5 squared = 25.

Click here for a reminder of the order of operations.

Good Luck!


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