Instructions:  Expressions will fall down from the sky.  If the expression is not a polynomial, move it to the "Not a Polynomial" bin.  If it is a polynomial, then look at the number given below the polynomial.  That number will correspond to either the leading coefficient, the constant term, the number of terms, or the degree.  Move this polynomial to the correct bin.  If you complete a row with at least 4 of the five correct, then the row will be erased and you will score points.  If you get 4 consecutive correct in a column, then those four along with one below it if it is there will be erased and you will score more points.  You also score a point each time you put the polynomial into the correct bin.  Use the left and right arrow keys to move the polynomial.  If you want the polynomial to go down to the bottom, hit the down arrow.  You may need to click on the polynomial the first time using the program in order to activate the controls.  Enjoy!


Notes on Polynomials

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