Tutee Assessment

This is a list of questions that can help you discover how to most effectively help your tutee.


What do you want or hope to receive from tutoring?
Where should we start?
What do you think it is important for us to study?
Do you have any questions?

Course Information

Do you have a course syllabus?
What are the assignments and when are they due?
Did the instructor give special instructions or an information sheet explaining the assignment(s)?
What do you need to do to be successful on this assignment or exam?

Study Habits

Where do you study?
How do you manage your study time?
Do you have lecture notes?
How do you feel about your ability to take lecture notes?
What techniques would you use in reading a chapter from your text?

Test Taking Skills

What types of exams does the instructor administer?
What are the exam dates?
How would you study for this exam?
What strategies do you use when taking an exam?