Study Skills Checklist
The following checklist includes some key behaviors that are commonly associated with academic success. Think about how you would respond to each item: Is this a behavior that you engage in on a regular basis? If your response to any item is NO or RARELY, it's something to think about carefully. If you want assistance developing any of these skills, you might consider enrolling in a study skills class.
Areas essential to strong study habits include:

    Goal Setting
    Time Management
    Homework Environment
    Classroom Demeanor
    Concentration & Memory
    Textbook Reading
    Note Taking
    Test Preparation

Study Skills Checklist My grade
1. I have clearly-defined, long-term educational goals.
2. I set goals for myself each week.
3. I recognize the times of day when Im most mentally alert.
4. I use a weekly schedule to organize my work, study, and social
5. I have a place where I study on a regular basis that is comfortable, has the tools I need to study, and is without distraction.
6. I always go to class.
7. I utilize a note taking method that enables me to accurately record lecture information.
8. In class, I am aware of whether or not I fully understanding the ideas.
9. I participate in class discussions, and raise my hand when I dont understand something.
10. I spend some time soon after class reading over my notes, to improve them if necessary, to reflect about the ideas, and do any assigned exercises or homework problems.
11. After going through my class notes, if there are any ideas that I have difficulty understanding, even after going back to the text, I check with someone who can help (Classmate, Teacher, Tutor, Learning Center).
12. I read my text (or do other appropriate preparatory work) every week before going to class.
13. As I read my text, I pay a lot of attention to the text structure: study questions, text in bold or italics, headings, glossary, pictures, charts.
14. I have techniques that I use to memorize important information.
15. I have a system and use it for summarizing the main points of the text, by doing some of the following: I highlight, make marginal notes, make summary notes, or use the study guide.
16. I do occasional review of past text chapters and/or class notes even when I don't have a test looming.
17. I give myself enough time to review adequately for a test.
18. I find ways to self-test during my test review--instead of just reading over the information.
19. I study with other students and join study groups, even when they arent assigned.
20. I maintain a healthy diet and get my necessary sleep, especially before a test or exam.
21. I am able to manage my anxiety in tests or exams.
22. I plan my exam writing based on the amount of time and the value of individual questions.
23. I go over my returned exams to learn about the type of mistakes that I made.