Index of Terms

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access (r-stages)

addition of matrices

addition of matrices (Properties)

adjacency matrix

adjoint of a matrix

affine transformation

angle between vectors

augmented matrix

average difference representation




best fitting curve

Cauchy Schwartz inequality

change of basis

characteristic polynomial of a matrix

circuits (electrical)


closure properties of a vector space


column rank

column space of a matrix

computer graphics and 2x2 matrices

conic sections with matrices

connected (strongly)

coordinates with respect to a basis

Cramer's rule

current law (Krichhoff)

curve fitting

detail coefficients for wavelets

determinant (permutation definition)

determinant (Properties)

diagonal matrix

diagonalizable matrix

diagonalize a matrix (steps to)


dimension of a vector space

directed graph

distance between vectors

dot product

dot product properties

edges of a graph



electrical circuits

equivalence relationship

even permutation

Fibonacci sequence with matrices

fit (best fitting curve)

Fourier coefficient

Fourier series


general linear transformation matrix

geometry of a 2x2 matrix

Gram Schmidt process

homogeneous system (Matrices)

identity permutation

ijth entry of a matrix

inner product

inner product space

inverse of a matrix

inverse of a matrix (Properties)

inverse with cofactors

inverses and linear systems


kernel of a general linear transformation

Krichhoff's current law

Krichhoff's voltage law

Kronecker delta symbol

least squares regression line with matrices

least squares solution

length between vectors

linear combination

linear independence

linear system of equations

linear systems and inverses

linear systems and matrices

linear transformation (definition for Rn)

linear transformation matrix (for Rn)

linear transformation of general vector spaces

linear transformation on general vector spaces (Properties)

linear transformation properties (for Rn)

loop in an electrical circuit

magnitude of a vector


matrix addition

matrix multiplication

matrix of a general linear transformation

matrix of a linear transformation (for Rn)

matrix subtraction

minor (of a matrix)

Mmxn as a vector space

multiplication of a matrix and a scalar (Properties)

multiplication of matrices

multiplication of matrices (Properties)

node in an electrical circuit

nonhomogeneous systems (matrices)

nonsingular equivalences

nonsingular matrix

nontrivial solution to the homogeneous system (Matrices)

null space

null space (finding it)

nullity of a general linear transformation

nullity of a matrix

odd permutation

one to one linear transformation

onto for a general linear transformation

orthogonal basis

orthogonal complement

orthogonal for general vectors

orthogonal matrix

orthogonal vectors

orthonormal basis

orthonormal basis for general vector space

parallel vectors


Pn as a vector space

polynomial (characteristic) for a matrix

projection of v onto w

properties of a linear transformation (for Rn)

properties of linear transformations on general vector spaces

properties of matrix addition

properties of matrix multiplication

properties of scalar multiplication and matrices

properties of the determinant

properties of the dot product

properties of the inverse of a matrix

properties of the transpose

properties of vector spaces

properties of vectors

range of a matrix

rank of a general linear transformation

rank of a matrix

reduced row echelon form

reflection (2x2 matrices)

regression line (least squares with matrices)


rotation (2x2 matrices)

row echelon form

row equivalent

row operation

row rank

row space of a matrix


r-stage access

scalar matrix

scalar multiplication and matrices (Properties)

scalar product

shear (2x2 matrices)

similar matrices

span (vectors span a space)

span of a set of vectors

square matrix

stage (r-stage access)

standard basis

standard basis

strongly connected

subspace definition

subtraction of matrices

symmetric matrix

T (transpose)

TFAE nonsingular equivalences

threshold number for wavelets

threshold value for wavelets

transition matrix


transpose of a matrix (Properties)

transposition of a permutation

triangle inequality

trivial solution to the homogeneous system (Matrices)

unit vector

vector (n-dimensional)

vector space definition

vector space properties

vectors (properties)

vertices of a graph

voltage law (Kirchhoff)