Requirements for Project 3

Below is a checklist if items that must be addressed for Project 3.

  • A description of the sampling technique that was made.  Any technique may be used for this project.  The variables must be quantitative and rich enough so that regression analysis has meaning. The sample size must be greater than 15.

  • A scatter plot and the regression line.

  • The equation of the regression line, the correlation, the coefficient of determination, and P-value for slope.  Be sure to interpret each of these.  Interpretation means more than define the terms.

  • An example of how the line is used for a particular value of x and the corresponding confidence interval.

  • Assumptions that are made.

  • A discussion of why your topic and results are important.

  • A discussion of how further studies could be done in order to delve deeper into the topic.  

Click here for a video on using StatCrunch for Project 3

Grading will be based on completeness, mathematical accuracy, proper use of statistical terminology, and your ability to communicate the results.  All statistics must be computer generated.  The paper should be  typed, double spaced, and have 12 point font.  The Writing Center is an excellent source to get assistance on your writing and the MSC is a great place to go for statistics assistance.

Rubric for the Project Grades Video for Project 3