Math 152A

Midterm III Prep



On June 14, at 4 PM you will be taking your third midterm exam.  You are required to bring the following to the exam:


1)  Pencils or Pens


2)  Paper Ė graph paper if you want to use it


3)  A clear and unstressed mind (preferable your own)J.No Calculators can be used for the exam.


The Midterm will cover the following topics:


A)  Translating large and small numbers into scientific notation and back to standard.Perform operations on numbers that are written in scientific form.


B)  Be able to define and identify monomial, binomial, polynomials.Also- term, coefficient, and degree.


c) Add and subtract polynomials- you can only add and subtract like terms

††††††††††† When subtracting, be sure to change the sign for all the terms.


D)      Multiplying monomial

Use associative and commutative properties to group coefficients and group powers of each variable


E)      Use FOIL to multiply two binomials


F)   Be able to multiply two polynomials p128.


G)      Division of polynomials- Donít forget to change signs for all terms


H)      Rectangular coordinate system- be able to graph or read off a graph ordered pairs


I) Be able to graph a linear equation using the following methods:

††††††††††† T-chart (table of values)

††††††††††† x-intercept/ y-intercept

††††††††††† slope/intercept

††††††††††† point/slope


I)        Be able to write a linear equation in either standard form, or slope intercept form


J)       Identify and graph horizontal and vertical lines.


K)      Be able to calculate the slope of a line going through two points


L)       Know what a function is. Be able to tell if a chart is or isnít a function. Be able to find a domain and a range.Be able to add, subtract multiply and divide functions.


Other Activities:


Look over the review section at the end of each chapter for key words, rules & steps.

Do the review exercises & test at the back of each chapter. (Only concepts we studied J)

See a tutor.

Call me at home.