Index of Terms for Vector Calculus

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acceleration (normal and tangential components)

acceleration (with vectors)

arc length

arc length parameterization

area (with a double integral)

area (with Green's theorem)

area of a parametric surface

area of a surface

center of mass (double integration)

changing order of integration

circle (osculating)


conservative vector field

continuous vector valued function



curvature for a plane curve

cylindrical coordinates for triple integration

derivative of a vector valued function

differential form of a line integral


divergence theorem

double integral

double integration for polar coordinates

double riemann sums

fields (vector fields)


fubini's theorem

function (vector valued)

fundamental theorem of line integrals

gradient field

green's theorem

independence of path

inertia (moment of inertial with double integration)

inertia (moment of inertial with triple integration)

integral (double)

integral of a vector valued function

integrals (line integrals)

iterated integral


limit of a vector valued function

line integrals

line integrals (fundamental theorem)

mass (and center of mass with triple integration)

mass (center of mass with double integration)

mass (double integration)

moment of inertia with double integration

moment of inertia with triple integration

moments (double integration)

negatively oriented curve

normal component of acceleration

normal vector (principle unit)

normal vector to a parametric surface

order of integration

oriented curve

oriented surface

osculating circle

parameterization by arc length

parametric surface

path independence

polar coordinates for double integration

positively oriented curve

principle unit normal vector

projectile motion (with vectors)

riemann sums (for double integration)

simple curve

simply connected

speed (with vectors)

spherical coordinates for triple coordinates

stokes theorem

surface (parametric)

surface area

surface integral

tangent plane to a parametric surface

tangent vector (unit)

tangential component of acceleration


triple integral

triple integration in cylindrical coordinates

triple integration in spherical coordinates

unit normal vector

unit tangent vector

vector fields

vector valued function

velocity (with vectors)

volume (with double integration)

work (with line integrals)