Criminal Justice


CRJ 101- Criminal Justice 

CRJ 102 - Criminal Law

CRJ 103 - Evidence

                            CRJ 104 - Criminal Procedure




Welcome to Criminal Justice


Only one of the four listed Criminal Justice Classes are offered each quarter.


2012-2013  Fall: CRJ101        Winter: CRJ102        Spring: CRJ103

2013-2014  Fall: CRJ101        Winter: CRJ104        Spring:  CRJ102

2014-2015  Fall: CRJ101        Winter: CRJ103        Spring:  CRJ104


The following Policies and Objectives apply to each of the four classes:


OBJECTIVES:   To enjoy the process of learning about the Criminal Justice System and the components of that system.

Grading:     A     90 +    B     80-89     C     70-79  D     60-69    F     0-59


All written assignments must be legible, if I canít read it, you will not get credit.

All written assignments are due at the start of class. LATE TAKE HOME QUIZZES/TEST WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Every course includes at least one oral presentation.  Oral presentations include a written outline or note cards, and visual aids.  Oral presentations are not just read aloud, regular eye contact with audience is mandatory.

Individual assignments must be prepared by the author, and not Plagiarized.

Group assignments may be submitted under one cover with all group members names. If a group member is not carrying his or her weight, it is the responsibility of the group to bring that to my attention in advance of the due date.

Attendance: Attendance is part of your grade.

If you know in advance that you will be late or absent you should call or email me to advise of the situation.

Testing:  May be true/false, matching, multiple choice, short answer, or essay.

Instructor Availability:

Via email. Donít wait until the day of class to address issues for that evenings class.

Outside Class Time Requirement:

Two hours per unit per week. Therefore, you should not need more than 8 hours a week to prepare for each class. If you require more, it is your responsibility to meet with me immediately to discuss this issue.

Any students needing accommodations should inform the instructor.

Students with disabilities who may need accommodations for this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) so that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible.  Students may contact the DRC by visiting the Center (located in room A205) or by phoning 541-4660, ext. 249 (voice) or 542-1870 (TTY for deaf students).  All information will remain confidential.





For Questions contact instructor during office hours at 530-573-3100, use Questions on website or refer to course syllabus provided at first class. .