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Pamela Glasscock
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Pamela Glasscock’s watercolors explore a botanical realism that combines the careful observation of plants with a focus on their expressive possibilities. Her work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries, museums, and botanical institutions, including the Oakland Museum, the Hunt Institute for Botanical Art, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, the Susan Cummins Gallery, the Fresno Art Museum, and the Sonoma County Museum.

Glasscock studied art, music, and literature at Stanford University, and after graduating in 1972 moved to New York City to pursue a career as an artist. She worked for ten years in the Renaissance drawing medium of silverpoint, developing a modernized version of that medium on large panels and further exploring the possibilities of evocative, detailed images from nature that have been her compelling interest. The subjects of these large drawings ranged from landscape and still life to abstracted images inspired by botanical forms.

During a summer in northern California in 1980, Glasscock’s focus shifted to careful renditions of flowers using watercolor rather than silverpoint, color rather than a limited grey scale. From the mid-eighties to the present, she has worked primarily from live (flower) models in the studio, assembling compositions of diverse flowers in tableaux which suggest theatrical performances, fictional gardens, or a visual poetry of mixed images, more than botanical expositions. In recent years, her interest in native plants has led her to use the camera for gathering specimens, when cultivated models are not available. The images are combined, often in groups that constitute a portrait of the place they came from, a portrait based on a collection of details.

Glasscock has lived in Freestone, California since 1992. She is represented in northern California by the I. Wolk Gallery in St. Helena, California, by Anne Reed Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho, and by Calabi Gallery in Petaluma, California