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SJSU Graduate Art Exhibition


San Jose State University Graduate Art Exhibition

This exhibition features the work of seven artists, all who have recently received their Master of Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University Graduate Art Program. Included are both two dimensional and three dimensional works of art that utilize a wide variety of materials and techniques. This group of artists gives us a glimpse of the kind of formal as well as conceptual issues in which young, emerging artists of today are engaged. It also exemplifies a “multi-disciplinary” way of working that has gained more adherents in recent years. Rather than strictly working in one specific medium, many graduate art students, and the programs in which they are enrolled, focus their work on the interrelationship of various media. The work of Margo Jones Duvall, for instance, combines photographic images with found-object sculpture.  There is also a greater interest in presenting works of art as an “installation” where the specific space is part of the work of art.

All combined, these seven artists give us a chance to see the contemporary dialog that is happening in the world of art today. It is also a world that our art students will be entering when and if they continue their art education beyond Lake Tahoe Community College.

Gabe Toci    
Margo Jones Duvall    
Randy Bricco  
Victor Malagon    
Jonathan Yao    

Michael Risch    

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