Join us on December 3rd at 6pm for an Artist Talk by Southern California artist, Yu Ji

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In a small village, just outside Bejing, China, a young Yu Ji looked out over the surrounding mountain range and thought to himself, "If I ever get out of here, I will not waste my life." The best life, he decided, was that of an artist. Drawing for thirty minutes each day, after twelve grulish hours working in the fields, he began to pursue his dreams. Yu Ji's life changed drastically when the Civil War came to an end and he was finally able to travel the world and study under the hands of the great artists of his time. Taking sketches from his notebook, he will collage the forms together, transforming a two-dimentional space to show time passing and movement. Join us on a journey of one man's life, from the streets of New York, 'Into the Shades'.



"Shush" 2012, 42" x 31", charcoal and conte

'Into the Shades' is on display until December 4th 2015