This Spring, The Haldan Gallery will be hosting a group exhibition, "Humboldt/San Jose Connect," featuring ceramic artwork from seven artists that are connected through their Undergraduate education at Humbolt State University and their Graduate Programs at San Jose State University.

The seven featured artists in the Haldan Gallery are Malia Landis, Evan Hobart, Wesley Wright, David White, Avery Palmer, and LTCC Art Department faculty Colleen Sidey and Bryan Yerian. Although the ceramic sculpture on display is diverse in subject matter and scale, there is a visual thread of fine craftsmanship and intricate surfaces. All of the artworks have a strong attention to detail and a focus on the personal narrative with elements of surrealism. The artists attribute their similarities to the teachers they were exposed to, the materials they worked with, and the active studio environments at both Humboldt State University and San Jose State University. 

Interviews with the “Humboldt/San Jose Connect” artists are available to the public on handheld wands in the gallery. The artists talk about developing their craftsmanship and their ideas in these strong ceramic programs, and they also give advice to young artists wanting to pursue a career in the Arts.

*Links to their websites are below*


The show, "Humbolt/San Jose Connect" will be Opening Thursday, April 16th from 5-7pm.

The Exhibition will be on display until June 19th!